Layers with Bitcoin Finality

We build the user ecosystem for layers with Bitcoin finality.

Decentralised Perpetual Exchange

Trade your favorite cryptocurrencies with 20x leverage, ensuring unparalleled security and control with your own wallet.

Secured by Bitcoin

Smart contracts on Bitcoin. Experience enhanced DeFi capabilities without compromising security.

Launch your project on Bitcoin

We support the launch of your project on the most secure blockchain in the world, Bitcoin.

Earn Fees with Liquidity Pools

Become a liquidity provider and earn a share of the platform's trading fees while supporting the DEX's efficiency.

DeFi is coming to Bitcoin. The launch of sBTC by Stacks brings over $1 trillion of Bitcoin's value into play within financial protocols.Velar stands at the forefront, offering an entry point to utilise directly on the Bitcoin blockchain.


Bitcoin is the longest running blockchain since 2009 with 0 downtime.


Bitcoin network is run by 100k+ miners worldwide using PoW consensus


Bitcoin TVL is over $1 trillion, around 45% of the entire crypto market.

Backed by incredible investors.
Alexei Zamyatin

Co-Founder of BoB

Cem Ozar

Co-Founder of Sovereign

Michael Chen

Ex-CMO of Fantom

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We’re audited by CoinFabrik.

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